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Propeller Coffee Co. (Toronto, Ontario) - Timor Leste Kailitlau

Propeller Coffee is proud to offer this superb coffee from their importer Sucafina who has been active in Timor-Leste. Sucafina works alongside farmers, cooperatives and agricultural extension officers to help farmers increase yields and quality and ultimately to produce larger incomes for farmers.


The name “Timor-Leste” may sound familiar because the word “Timor” is also the name of a widespread coffee variety. “Timor” also appears in other varieties like “Catimor” or “Sarchimor”, names that, like their coffees, are hybrids of the two parent plants’ names.


It's got such great sweetness to it. That sweetness elevates everything and gives the coffee amazing intensity and clarity of flavour that makes every note really stand out. - Jonathan Cox - Head Roaster


We loved this coffee so much, we featured it in the July 2020 issue of The Roasters Pack!


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