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Drumroaster Coffee (Cobble Hill, British Columbia) - Bernabe Padilla

“This coffee is heavy in body, with loads of sweetness. It’s balanced by a tropical, ripe fruit character.”- Carsen Oglend, Director of Coffee

Bernabe Padilla is a young producer and a member of the Padilla family, who all contribute to their sections of the family farm in El Progreso, La Coipa, Peru. He and his wife, Heidi, have produced coffee on their 5-hectare farm, since 2014. Despite being relatively new to the coffee game, Bernabe Padilla is paving the way for the next generation of coffee in Peru.

“I think it's important to offer stability to producers,” explains Carsen Oglend, Director of Coffee at Drumroaster, “roasters rely on wholesale accounts to be consistent buyers so they can buy the right amount of coffee every year consistently. A producer is no different. There's a lot less stress in the planning of their farm when they know that they can count on a roaster to be buying a certain amount of coffee every year. I try to be a consistent buyer.”

That consistency allows for reinvestments into their farm - and as result, provides us with super delicious cups! As Oglend explains, “the cup is very sweet, with a body of Demerara sugar and milk chocolate. It’s got a really pleasing ripe fruit character, like yellow passion fruit.”

We loved this coffee and couldn't resist featuring it in the February 2021 pack!

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