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Kittel Coffee Company (Montreal, Quebec) - Kiaragana AA

Kiaragana factory was established in 1979 in Kirinyaga County, in an area known more for tea production. It is affiliated with Mwirua Farmers’ Co-operative Society Ltd. whose membership currently stands at 1000, of whom 600 are active farmers. The factory includes demonstration plots to teach farming best practices and members of the co-operative have access to financing to help with their farming, education, and emergency needs.

Kittel worked together with Montreal’s own RGC Coffee to import this incredible lot of green coffee which was vacuum sealed at origin to preserve freshness. The coffee was dry milled, packaged, and exported by the renowned Kenyan coffee house, Dormans.

In the cup, there are flavors of blackcurrant, honey and red wine.

You know what else is incredible?

No extra shipping or tax! Everything is included in the price! Shipped straight from Montreal so that everything remains incredibly fresh!


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