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Cold Brew Bag (100g) by Matchmaker Coffee

Yes. Please.

We reached out to our sister company Matchmaker Coffee and we collaborated on a custom blend of coffee that'll make a super tasty cold brew.

We wanted a funky and fun cold brew. And? This one absolutely delivers. 

This iteration is a blend of two super interesting coffees - an Ethiopian naturally processed and a Medium roast Sumatran. What should you expect? 


This sweet and balanced cold brew pairs the chocolate and root beer notes of the Sumatran with fruit and floral from the Ethiopian, resulting in a complex and syrupy beverage that is delicious over ice or mixed with your favourite tonic!

This 100g bag makes a 1:9 concentrate. Grind it up, put it in a mason jar, and wait 16-24 hours.

(Don't worry, we'll include a brew recipe with the cold brew blend too - just in case you want some extra steps)

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