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Coffee Collective - Halo (Yirgacheffe, Ethiopia)

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We’ve got a new international roaster in the house! We are honoured to be able to share coffee from the talented team at Coffee Collective!

If you don't know what Coffee Collective is all about, they're a roaster that finds some serious gems and has a wealth of coffee knowledge (their team has placed first in both the World Barista Competition and the International Cup Tasters Competition). 

They also are carbon neutral, using fully recyclable bags, and quite dedicated to transparency and their producing partners - which we love to see. 

One of the coffees we have decided to bring in is their washed Ethiopian coffee. Here’s what you can expect in the taste:

On Filter:

An elegant and clean coffee with a fine acidity. Floral and fruity with aromas of citrus, rosemary, lychee and peach.

On Espresso:

A clean and fresh espresso, light and creamy with an fine acidity and floral aftertaste. Expect notes of bergamot, jasmin and mandarin.

Join us on this (international) coffee adventure!

Varietal: Heirloom

Process: Washed

Producer: METAD Agricultural Development

Country: Ethiopia

Region: Halo Beriti, Yirgacheffe

250-gram bag of whole bean coffee.

Roasted on October 27 or 31, 2022.

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