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Black Coffee on Black Friday? The 2015 Edition:


Our Black Friday deals have 3 goals. 3 simple, delicious goals.

  1. Get you a better coffee brewing set up
  2. Help you get your Holiday shopping done and over with. 
  3. Have you stop drinking bad coffee, for a long long time.

These offers expire on November 30th @ 11:59 PM EST. So read along and see what's going on!

Deal Number 1:

The V60 Brew & Hario Slim Grinder Kit - $49.99 (Regularly $64.94)

Everything you need to brew an awesome cup of coffee is right here. The V60 is the king of manual coffee brewing – it’s the go-to and the best way to bring café quality coffee brews to your home. The hand grinder means no more pre-ground coffee for optimal freshness! 

Deal Number 2:

The Holiday Champion – Gift The Roasters Pack (6 months), a V60 Kit & a Hario Slim Mini Mill - $199.99 (Regularly $232.64):

You’re setting someone up with the ultimate Holiday gift. Their mornings are going to be so so so much better – they'll probably start liking Monday mornings and it's all thanks to you and your thoughtful gift giving. All you had to do was push a button, but they get Canada’s best craft coffee delivered to them for 6 months and every morning they’ll be thinking of how kind you are while they drink their craft coffee brewed with their fancy, new V60 kit.


Deal Number 3:

The Holiday Champion 2 – Gift The Roasters Pack (1 month) and an AeroPress Kit - $49.99 (regularly $65.94):

A great coffee starter kit. An AeroPress is one of our favourite ways to brew coffee as it’s simple yet delicious. And what goes well with a coffee brewer? How about 3 delicious Canadian craft coffees?

Don’t believe us? Check out these sweet photos on Instagram from our subscribers putting this pair to perfect use:



Deal Number 4:

The Self Gift – The Roasters Pack Subscription! $15 off a 6 month subscription!

Yes, you read that correctly. $15 off a 6 month subscription! Our subscription isn't something that we discount often, so it’s only available for the first 10 people to use the coupon code: BLKFRIDAY15


If you’re one of the lucky few who snag it and set yourself up with great coffee, get the kettle ready. Great coffee is coming your way soon friend. Welcome to the club of those who drink great coffee.

Act fast though, because these deals are vanishing soon! Within a few days or less they'll be gone.

Black Friday deserves great black coffee!


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